Friday, March 19, 2010

Ah, Kahranos!

It's the big city for me, you betcha!

Aeven made it to level 6 on the way from Coldridge Valley to Kahranos. Along the way, to prepare herself for the dangers of the world, she picked up a few items: a Dwarven Kite Shield, an Anvilmar Hammer, and a Rustic Belt as quest rewards, and a few bits of tarnished mail to fill out her kit.

Oh, and a Small Green Pouch. Happy happy joy joy happy happy joy! That's an extra six slots for the price of zero, zilch, zip, nada! Oh, happy day! (Yeah. Just in case you have no idea why this fills me with unbridled joy, extra storage space - bags - are expensive in WoW. Finding one in the starting area is like finding a $100 bill on the way to work. Twice.)

I'm currently sporting 433 armor, 62 attack power, and should be doing a whopping 6.6 dps. Skada, in fact, says I'm pulling 6,.4 dps, so woo! Right on target there!

Enemies are falling, if not quickly, then at least consistently. My armor is good enough that I haven't had to stop and eat to restore health at all. I've only had to use Holy Light for healing once, when I left the road to go kick a bear in the teeth for looking at me funny. Aeven 1, Bears 0. Hey - I'm a Dwarven paladin. I'm rough, I'm tough, I'm holy. I also obviously lack common sense, which will no doubt serve me well in my adventuring career.

Now to rest a bit at a real inn, train up, and see what tomorrow holds.

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  1. This sounds like an interesting experiment, keep it up! definitely adding this to my blogroll.
    Good luck with this :D