Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pallies are OP

Whoa, yeah. Well, maybe not OP, but leveling has been a dream compared to bringing up my lil' mage and priest. Then again, maybe it has less to do with pallies being OP, and more to do with the fact that Aeven's primary defense against the crushing, slashing, bleeding, mauling attacks of enemies is something more resilient than linen and silk?

Nah, must be that pallies are OP :-)

Anyways. Did a few quests in Elwynn Forest, and in the process, managed to reach journeyman levels in skinning, mining, first aid, and cooking. Frankly, the first aid is nice, but hardly needed - I think I've bandaged twice, and then mostly out of a feeling of "Hmm, I have bandages, I guess I should use them." The buffs from cooking (+2 spirit and +2 stamina! Wooohoo!) are hardly fantastic at this level, but when you're eschewing anything with a stat bonus on it, every little bit helps.

Now, the skinning and mining... that's a definite win. At 75 skill in each, I've picked up Master of Anatomy and Toughness, both at rank 1, for a whopping +3 crit rating and +3 stamina. I could actually see my health bar change when I picked up Toughness, which was cool.

Just before I dinged level 12, though - before I got the Anatomy and Toughness buffs - I decided to head out and give Hogger a run for his money. I mean, he's level 11, and I'm level 11, right? I'm sure he'll turn me into some sort of pally pate that he'll serve up as part of his dinner party that evening, but hey, at least I'll get an idea about how hard taking him down will be, and then I can...

Oh, wait. Hogger fall down and goo boooooom.

So... yeah. Maybe pallies are OP :-) This is me complaining.

Downing Hogger led me to my first temptation: the quest reward. Those Stormwind Guard Leggings look nice. Very pretty. I mean, I think that they'd look good on Aeven, don't you? Stylish! Practical! Useful!

Sigh. Forbidden.

So I took the Balanced Fighting Stick instead, since that would vendor for almost three times as much (six silver!) Between vendoring or selling BoP greens that I've encountered, and selling leather scraps on the AH, I've managed to accumulate a handful of gold already. I'm hanging on to the copper and leather I accumulate for now, until I reach the point where I think I'll have enough resources for leveling engineering; then the excess will get tossed onto the AH as another source of income.

As of last night, Aeven's sitting happy at level 15, just hight enough level to use the LFD tool, all kitted out in her new set of chainmail. No attempt to find a group yet, though. I'd like to get her current equipment enchanted up a bit before heading off into the wilds of a random group. Deadmines first, because hey - it's the Deadmines. But I'm sure she'll hit RFC and Wailing Caverns before all is said and done, too.

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