Friday, February 24, 2012

"Say," you may wonder...

... "What's that crazy 'Azeroth on 20 Silver a Day' guy up to these days?"

Glad you asked!

I've been running random dungeons on Aeth.  Random HoT's and random regular Cata dungeons, mostly.

Seven last night, in fact.  One after another.  Boom, boom, booooooooom.


You see, the first seven random heroic end time dungeons give you valor points - 150 each for completion, plus something like 77 justice points per boss.  You knew that already, though, right?

Gotta get those VP for gear, after all!  It's about a 10 minute queue for DPS on my server, so I spend some time in Uldum flying around and mining while I wait for the next queue to pop.

Now, the random regular Cata dungeons don't give VP.  Instead, the first seven give you 140 JP each for completion, plus something like 33 JP per boss.

If you add it up, that can be around 250 - 350 JP per random regular Cata dungeon.  Plus, the queue is generally really short - on the order of a minute or two.  From what I've seen, you end up with a lot of well-geared players in a mix of PvE/PvP gear, so I don't think I've had any of the random Cata dungeons take appreciably longer than 20 minutes or so.

So, basically, I've been stockpiling JP.

And spending JP.

The week before last, I was depleting my stash of VP when I realized that I was approaching the cap on JP.  So I wandered over the the JP vendors to see what I might convert my JP into.  In the past, I've converted them into BoP boots and bracers for a bit of a profit, but for whatever reason, I checked out the JP goods vendor this time.

Looked over his goods, said "Meh," went to go buy some boots... and hesitated.

Huh.  You can turn 375 JP into 250 honor points?  Why is that catching my attention?

Well, I guess I can eventually use it to buy some better PvP gear, but... hmmm.


Aren't the PvP mounts purchasable for honor points now?

A quick check, the PvP mount vendor located, and HOLY COW THEY'RE ONLY 2000 HONOR APIECE?

Let's see - I already have one of the PvP mounts, so that's four more mounts!

How many do I have now, anyways?  Let's see...  huh, 95.

Ninety.  Five.

Plus four.

Makes... ninety nine?

And... wait, I'm about 10 tickets short of getting another Darkmoon Fair mount.

Ninety.  Five.

Plus four.

Plus one.

Makes... a Mountain o' Mounts!


So, yeah.  I've been farming JP.  Blowing it all on PvP mounts.

And, really, having a fun time doing it.

Another 7 dungeons or so and maybe I can start stockpiling JP to covert to honor and buy some decent PvP gear...

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