Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's That Time

Just cranking through the Love is In The Air dailies, Aeth finally managed to pick up enough tokens to get her Swift Lovebird.  Along the way, she even managed to pick up a Vile Fumigator's Mask, which will definitely be going into void storage for future transmog potential.

Oh, and in case you missed it, Blizzard posted an updated talent calculator for MoP.

Let's see... anything... in... ter... es... 

Holy cow.

Some magey bits to consider:

Temporal Shield - level 30 Arcane Mage talent.  "Envelops you in a temporal field for 4 sec.  Damage taken while shielded will be undone over 6 sec."

Invocation - level 90 Arcane Mage talent.  "Your evocation spell no longer has a cooldown, but you no longer have any base mana regeneration.  Completing an Evocate causes you to 20% increased spell damage for 30 sec."

Incanter's Shield - level 90 Frost Mage talent.  "Absorb's damage, converting the damage into mana, up to a maximum of 30% of your maximum mana.  Lasts 8 sec.  When your Incanter's Shield is destroyed, you gain 30% increased spell power for 30 sec."

Just...  wow.  Invocation with Mana Adept?  Burn to 40% mana, cast Evocate.  6 seconds later, burn again.  Couple with Arcane Power to get an additional 20% damage for 15 seconds.  That's 15 seconds - 10 GCDs - of 40% bonus damage, another 10 GCDs of 20% bonus damage, and if you haven't managed to burn through 60% of your mana by then you're really not trying.  Evocate, lather, rinse, repeat, with the Arcane Power tossed in on every third rotation.

Incanter's shield?  "Hey, hold on.  I need to run and stand in the fire for a few seconds."  Given the amount of Bad Stuff (TM) that generally gets thrown around, this is a potentially always-up 30% spellpower increase coupled with a 30% mana return.

Oh, yeah.  MoP looks like it's going to be fun.

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