Thursday, February 16, 2012

Making Gold

Hand over fist, man, hand over fist.

Well - maybe not quite that much, but on the order of 8k gold over the past few days, with very little work involved.

I'm selling gems on the AH.

No, not cut gems - though, as a JC, I could do that.  The profit margins are probably better, but really, that takes a whole lot more time and effort - identifying which cuts are selling, which are more profitable, and so on - than I'm willing to put into things.  For me, making cash is a way to fund other aspects of the game, not an end in and of itself; and spending 20 minutes a day to pull in 3k seems like a pretty good rate of return for me.

No, I'm selling raw gems on the AH.

You see, I noticed that - on my server, at least - Carnelian is going for between 100g and 130g apiece.  Probably because three of them go into the Inferno Ruby transmute, and those are going for about 330g each, minimum.

Obsidium Ore and Elementium Ore each go for about 6g each, which means there's generally a decent supply in the sub-6g range.

So, I'll buy about 20 stacks of ore - cost of 2400g.  Then I'll just crank through and prospect it - that's 80 prospects total.  That will (conservatively) net me about 16 each of the green gems, and 4 each of the blue gems.  More green gems and less blue gems if I'm prospecting Obsidium, more less green gems and more blue gems if I'm prospecting Elementium, obviously.

16 x Carnelian @100g = 1600g
16 x Nightstone @ 10g = 160g
16 x Hessonite @ 10g = 160g
16 x Jasper @ 7g = 112g
16 x Zephyrite @ 6g = 96g
16 x Alicite @ 2g = 32g

4 x Amberjewel @ 8g = 32g
4 x Demonseye @ 21g = 84g
4 x Dream Emerald @ 30g = 120g
4 x Ember Topaz @ 32g = 128g
4 x Inferno Rubies @ 300g = 1200g
4 x Ocean Saphire @ 15g = 60g

Income - 3784g.  Outlay - 2400g.  Profit - 1384g.

Again, this is a conservative calculation.  I've actually been getting closer to 2000g profit on prospecting 20 stacks of ore, so either I've been lucky with my drop rates, or I'm missing something in my figuring.

In any case, it's made me about 8k gold over the last four days.  I put the blue gems up on the AH as single units, unless their price drops below 5g for some reason... then, I just stuff them back in the bank.   Green gems get listed as stacks of 3 gems or singles, with the exception of Zephyrite and Alicite, which get sold in bulk (stacks of 20) or just get vendored if the price drops below 2g.

I'm going to continue this for a few days, and see how it works out.  I suspect it will continue to be a decent money maker for some time to come.

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