Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dances With Guildies

I did a couple of HoTs on Aeth last night, then had a guild member ask if there was anyone interested in running normal Cata dungeons.

It.  Was.  Glorious.

Srsly.  I had about the best time I've had in the game for a long while.

The first dungeon was the Vortex Pinacle, which is always neat to run.  With three other guildies, we had enough room to hit LFD looking for a tank, and got one really quickly... and got one who was not only competent, but had a sense of humor.

That became significant rather quickly.

After the first pull, the tank took a look at our healer - a Worgen druid - and said words to the effect of "Holy cow, heals - your gear!"

And yeah, the healer was in a mix of quest greens, crafted and quest blues, and the occasional epic.  Nothing unusual, really, but... something of a mismatched set.

"I've had really lousy luck with drops", she mentioned.

At which point I commented that her gear "was lovingly crafted from the finest bubble gum and sticks we could find."

Aaaaaaaaaaaand we were off!

Pretty much from that point on, we were joking back and forth about everything.  Standing in the green is good? What about fire?  "Fire heals you.  You just have to stand in it long enough."  Riffing on fragments of movies and songs.  "Sheep this one..." After Aeth did a turtle polymorph, "That's not a sheep!  That's not even the same species!" "It's a... uh... SEA SHEEP!"

I think I shocked someone by knowing who Barbara Manatee was. (That came up in Throne of the Tides, of course).  "Don't stand in the bubbly green stuff!" "I thought green stuff was good!" "No, the bubble are like in the bathtub.  Toxic farts."

Yeah, not exactly the lofty heights of humor.

But it was relaxed, we were having a good time, and even when people 'asploded from various things, we managed to soldier on and beat the living loot out of the bosses.  The tank (who was an amazingly excellent and a wonderful person to boot) stuck with us through two dungeons, rolled with the strange comments and weird humor, and was generally was just the right person at the right time for our pack of only moderately lucid lightning-throwing, arcane blasting, stabbity heroes.

Good times... good times!

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