Monday, September 19, 2011

Back From Vacation

... just in time for the latest news about patch 4.3.

Which looks like it's going to be freaking amazing.

Travelling through the Caverns of Time into the future to see what it will look like if Deathwing wins?

Fighting Deathwing on the fly over Azeroth, prying off his plate armor and trying to kill him before he destroys the world?


Here's a thought for ya, Blizzard: the chances of me being able to participate in a server first kill of Deathwing?  Zero.  The chances of me being able to participate in a world-first kill of Deathwing?  Even less than zero.

So... how about giving me a mechanic that lets me contribute, however indirectly?

Imagine this...

The flow of time.  It's a nebulous thing, isn't it?  We're going into the past, into the future, trying to foil Deathwing and save Azeroth.  All of us, together.  Bands of heroes from all walks of life, Alliance and Horde together, struggling to save the world.

One timeline at a time.

Give us 5-man people something to contribute, Blizz.  Make doing the 5-man dungeons in 4.3 have some effect on the fight with Deathwing.

Something like the opening of the Ahn'Qiraj gates.

Every successful 5-man run of a 5-man COT Deathwing dungeon on heroic mode, say, changes one timeline... and makes the defeat of Deathwing a little more certain.  One dungeon might give a slight damage buff.  Another might give a slight defensive buff.  Put a cap on the upper limit of the buffs (say, 10% or 15%), make them increase very slowly (there's a lot of timelines, after all), and make accepting and using the buffs optional for the Deathwing raids.

Every time I run a 5-man, then?  I'm making the defeat of Deathwing slightly more certain.  One more timeline brought into alignment with the Way Things Should Be.  One more chance for Deathwing to win snuffed out.  We still have to defeat him, but it's just slightly more certain, now...

Let me have a hand in saving the world this time, Blizz.


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