Monday, November 1, 2010

Music Monday

Things have been busy of late in the Real World (TM). Among other things, I'm going to be judge of elections for our local precinct, so figuring out what that means and how that works has been occupying my mind lately. Yay politics! And especially "Yay for the end of political ads!"

Despite that, I still managed to run Aetherna through the Shattered Halls a couple of times this weekend, which pushed her Honor Hold reputation to exalted, which leaves her at 36/40 exalted reputations now. On related fronts, she's only three dungeons short (Botanica, Mechanar, Arcatraz) of getting Outland Dungeonmaster. She's got a bit more work to do for Outland Dungeon Hero, though I expect that pulling those off with a buddy or two should be possible. Pre-4.0.1, she was almost able to solo Botanica and Mechanar... so doing the Dungeonmaster solo is a distinct possibility.

To end on something completely different: here's Enter The Haggis, with "Gasoline". Imagine that Johnny Rotten had grown up outside Ottawa and hooked up with a bagpipe player for his first band, and well... there you go.

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